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BERNIE WRIGHTSON Original art - WEREWOLF eating, NM+, Very Detailed, blood, ribs, Published as card + model kit

HARLEY BROWN original Published Art, SHEENA QUEEN of the JUNGLE,Filmfax #66,1998
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OLIVIA De Berardinis original, UP PERISCOPE, Bettie Page, Betty Page, Art, Original AND 1st,Art of Bettie,Betty Page,Acrylics,HUGE
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SAM GLANZMAN original art, G I Combat #266 Pg 6, 11"x 16", WWII, Signed, Germans
Ebay auction #121447620482   NEW

JOHN CELARDO original art, JET FIGHTERS #6, pg 30, 1952, 7 pgs, Blue Angels
Selling all 7 pages / full story = on ebay #400781297469   NEW

BOB POWELL original art, ALL NEW COMICS #4 pg 1, 1943, Bombs over Berlin, WWII
Ebay auction #400781361844   NEW

HENRY KIEFER original art, WAMBI JUNGLE BOY #9 pg 2, 14x23, 1950, Tiger attack
Ebay auction #121449140446   NEW

TOM LYLE / RICARDO VILLAGRAN original art, SKYWOLF #2 Pg #24, 11x17, 1988, War
Ebay auction #400780910930   NEW

FRANK SPRINGER original art, GHOST STORIES #7 Splash,11x14,1964,Bermuda Triangle
Ebay auction #121445260813   NEW

TOM CANTY / ROGER ZELAZNY, CORWIN of AMBER print, 17"x22", 1976, w/ Remark #210
Ebay auction #121440384903   NEW

DAN DAY / MIKE GUSTOVICH original art, AZTEC ACE #15 pg 23, 1985,11"x17", Signed
Ebay auction #121446139352   NEW

GLENN FABRY original art, THOR - VIKINGS #1, pg 19, 11"x17", Burn, Pillaging NY
Ebay auction #400779378501   NEW

BERNARD CHANG / KEN BRANCH original art, DOCTOR MIRAGE #2 pg 2, 11x17, 1993
Ebay auction #121445163464   NEW

PHIL JIMENEZ / PETER GROSS original art, SHOWCASE '94 #6 pg 15, 11"x 17", 1994
Ebay auction #121445337306   NEW

PAUL GULACY original art, SLASH MARAUD #5 pg 21, 13"x 20",1987, more in store
Ebay auction #400774415437   NEW

MANNY STALLMAN original art, UNDERSEA AGENT #5 pg 54,13"x21", 1966,more in store
Ebay auction #121445194812   NEW

DAVE GRAUE original art, ALLEY OOP, 11x23, 1981, Caveman, King Guz trek, Escape
Ebay auction #400776084331   NEW

TIM VIGIL / JEFF ALBRECHT original art, BADGER #54 pg 7, Signed, 1989, 11x17
Ebay auction #400777046608   NEW

RICHARD ISANOVE original art, SAVAGE WOLVERINE #16, Signed, 11x17, Fight, Claws
Ebay auction #121442929427   NEW

TIM VIGIL / DENIS RODIER original art, BADGER #52 pg 17, Signed, 1989, 11x17
Ebay auction #400777043206   NEW

MIKE SEKOWSKY / AL RUBANO ,original art, THIS IS WAR #8, pg 7,1953, full story
Selling all 7 pages / full story = on ebay #121441434157   


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9/29/2014 4:05:00 PM
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