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OLIVIA De Berardinis original, UP PERISCOPE, Bettie Page, Betty Page, Art, Original AND 1st,Art of Bettie,Betty Page,Acrylics,HUGE
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WALLY WOOD original art, 1956, COLONIAL SURVEY Book cover,13"x19", Gnome Press

HARLEY BROWN original Published Art, SHEENA QUEEN of the JUNGLE,Filmfax #66,1998
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MIKE SEKOWSKY / DICK GIORDANO original art, FALLING in LOVE #131,Mom the ManTrap

PAUL GULACY / CHARLES YOAKUM original art, GRACKLE #4 pg 16, Skull, Signed

MIKE SEKOWSKY, DICK GIORDANO original art,FALLING in LOVE 131,Mom the ManTrap,13

TIM SALE original art, DEATHBLOW, 11"x17", Splash Pg, Pin-up, 1993, Signed, Gun

WIN MORTIMER / JACK ABEL original art, HEART THROBS #142 pg 14, 11x16, 1972

PAUL GULACY original art, SABRE #2 pg 14, 11x17, 1982,Ecliplse,more art in store

RUSS HEATH original art, OUR ARMY at WAR #259, Two pgs #12-13, Marines needing a hand

BRENT ANDERSON / AL WILLIAMSON original art,Marvel Fanfare MOON KNIGHT 30,Signed

MIKE SEKOWSKY / FRANK GIACOIA original art, HOUSE of MYSTERY #202, 11x16, 1972

PHILLIPS original art, Blazing Combat / war Illustration, 11 x 17, 1992, Fighter

DAN ADKINS / WALLY WOOD original art, SPACE GHOST, 9"x12", more art in store

ANGEL GABRIELE original art, Jack Kirby DEMON #1 Cover Recreation, 11"x17"
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NEIL O'KEEFFE original art, 'Legal Steal', 12x15, Inspector Wade Dick's Adv

JIM STARLIN ? Original art, Signed, THANOS vs SILVER SILVER ,11x17, Sketch, more art in store

HEAVY METAL Original Production ART, stamped HMA, BARBARIAN, 1980, more in store

Original art, Signed, ELEKTRA, 12x16, Sketch, 1976, lots more art in store

DON MARQUEZ original art, ANT-MAN, 9"x12", 2004, Paul Rudd, Scott Lang, on Ant
Ebay auction #121632173347  

RAGS MORALES / KEN BRANCH original transparency art, TUROK, #24 pg 16, Battle


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8/3/2015 12:31:00 PM
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8/2/2015 10:30:00 PM
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