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BERNIE WRIGHTSON Original art - WEREWOLF eating, NM+, Very Detailed, blood, ribs, Published as card + model kit

HARLEY BROWN original Published Art, SHEENA QUEEN of the JUNGLE,Filmfax #66,1998
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OLIVIA De Berardinis original, UP PERISCOPE, Bettie Page, Betty Page, Art, Original AND 1st,Art of Bettie,Betty Page,Acrylics,HUGE
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GENE COLAN / KLAUS JANSON original art, JEMM SON of SATURN #1 pg 22, 11x16, 1984
Ebay auction #121465776750   NEW

CHRIS MILLER original art, oil on board, MUSIC playing WIZARD, Signed, 20x23
Ebay auction #400791606129   NEW

JON FOSTER, Limited, #1/50, Signed and Numbered, Beautiful Woman writing. 11x17
Ebay auction #121464105058   NEW

WILL ELDER art, SELF PORTRAIT Sketch copy, 6"x9", Signed with COA, 2004
Ebay auction #121464799477   NEW

ART SAAF original art, RANGERS COMICS #19 pg 47, 1944, WW II, Germany, Poland
Ebay auction #121464799475   NEW

BOB POWELL original art, ALL NEW COMICS #4 pg 7, 1943, Bombs over Berlin, WWII
Ebay auction #400791609179   NEW

JOHN CELARDO original art, JET FIGHTERS #6, pg 26, 1952, 7 pgs, Blue Angels
Ebay auction #400786529157   NEW

HENRY KIEFER original art, WAMBI JUNGLE BOY #9 pg 4, 14x23, 1950, Elephant,Crocs
Ebay auction #400786527146   NEW

CHRIS MILLER original art, GIRL in THOUGHT, 9x12, 1985, Portrait, Beautiful
99.99   NEW

FBI - WORLD AROUND US #6 pg 12 original art, 14x23, 1959, Doll Woman, WWII case

GENE COLAN / BOB McLEOD original art, JEMM SON of SATURN #11 pg 12,11"x 16",1985
Ebay auction #121459353972   NEW

SAM GLANZMAN original art, G I Combat #266 Pg 5, 11"x 16", WWII, Signed, Germans
Ebay auction #121456909794   NEW

FBI - WORLD AROUND US #6 pg 11 original art, 14x23, 1959, Doll Woman, WWII case

GENE COLAN / BOB McLEOD original art, JEMM SON of SATURN #8 pg 8, 11"x 16",1985
Ebay auction #400788016934   NEW

MIKE DUBISCH original art, SYLVAN for Palladium books, 1999, Michael, 11x14
Ebay auction #400790208980   NEW

BILL SIENKIEWICZ original art, CREEPY GUY sitting, 9x12, lots more art in store
Ebay auction #121461791114   NEW

STEVE RUDE / GARY MARTIN original art, NEXUS ORIGIN pg 10, Blessing / Curse
Ebay auction #121458469160   NEW

PAUL GULACY / JIMMY PALMIOTTI original art, SCI SPY #4 pg 18, Vertigo, Aliens
Ebay auction #121459300905   NEW


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