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BERNIE WRIGHTSON Original art - WEREWOLF eating, NM+, Very Detailed, blood, ribs, Published as card + model kit

HARLEY BROWN original Published Art, SHEENA QUEEN of the JUNGLE,Filmfax #66,1998
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OLIVIA De Berardinis original, UP PERISCOPE, Bettie Page, Betty Page, Art, Original AND 1st,Art of Bettie,Betty Page,Acrylics,HUGE
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Original art, Signed, ELEKTRA, 12x16, Sketch, 1976, lots more art in store
99.99   NEW

DON MARQUEZ original art, ANT-MAN, 9"x12", 2004, Paul Rudd, Scott Lang, on Ant
Ebay auction #121632173347   NEW

RAGS MORALES / KEN BRANCH original transparency art, TUROK, #24 pg 16, Battle
99.99   NEW

KELLY FREAS original art, Ravenloft, TSR, Dungeons and Dragons, Signed, Fight
Ebay auction #121622110655  

RICHARD CORBEN original art, SLASH & BURN pg 23, FIRE SALE, Signed, 12x16
Ebay auction #400901838321  

GIL KANE original art, 9x13, Invasion for New Earth, Ship, more art in store
Ebay auction #400899983372  

PAUL GULACY / AL MILGROM original art, MASTER of KUNG-FU #19 pg 17, Dr Fu Manchu
Ebay auction #121619171822  

MIKE HINGE original art, unSigned, SCHEMATIC, 13x17, Smithsonian
Ebay auction #400900992166  

KELLY FREAS original art, Watercolor, Psychodelic, 9"x5.5, Signed, more in store
Ebay auction #400900974677  

NEIL O'KEEFFE original art, LEGAL STEAL piece, 11x12,Inspector Wade Dick's Adv
Ebay auction #121619222623  

RICK GRIFFIN, GOSPEL of JOHN 19:30, Signed print, 1980, with Foxing, 20x26

Original art, TIGER MIG alley, War, Recon, pg 5, 10.5x15.5, 1975, Jet fighter
Ebay auction #400901021955  

Original art, unSigned, PRESTER JOHN, 4th CRUSADE, 13x18, more art in store
Ebay auction #400899450720  

Original art, unSigned, DEMON, 12x16, Drawing, lots more art in store
Ebay auction #400899330609  

NEIL O'KEEFFE original art, Money 4 the Taking, 11x12, Inspector Wade Dick's Adv

RICHARD CORBEN original art, SLASH & BURN pg 22, FIRE SALE, Signed, 12x16

MIKE HINGE original art,published in HEAVY METAL Sept 1982 iss,22x30,Smithsonian

AL WILLIAMSON - FLASH GORDON, Sci-fi, NM,1978,limited Signed & Numbered,#185


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4/27/2015 11:30:00 PM
James Phelps
4/27/2015 10:07:00 PM
Steve Rude
4/27/2015 10:00:00 PM
Conny Valentina
4/27/2015 8:21:00 PM
JEff G
4/27/2015 5:53:00 PM
4/27/2015 5:29:00 PM
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