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BERNIE WRIGHTSON Original art - WEREWOLF eating, NM+, Very Detailed, blood, ribs, Published as card + model kit

HARLEY BROWN original Published Art, SHEENA QUEEN of the JUNGLE,Filmfax #66,1998
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OLIVIA De Berardinis original, UP PERISCOPE, Bettie Page, Betty Page, Art, Original AND 1st,Art of Bettie,Betty Page,Acrylics,HUGE
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BOB POWELL original art, ALL NEW COMICS #4 pg 8, 1943, Bombs over Berlin, Hitler
Ebay auction #121496691417   NEW

BETH AVARY, TOGETHER print, 6.5"x10", 1989, Signed Numbered #25 / 500
Ebay auction #121496691404   NEW

BILLY the KID #8 original art, pg 3, 14x19, 1950, Western, Train robbery, Gold
Ebay auction #121496691394   NEW

TIM VIGIL original art, Signed, FAUST, 7"x10.5", 1995, Sketch, more art in store
Ebay auction #121491633560   NEW

WALLY WOOD - IDYLL, Nudity, NM,1978, limited Signed & Numbered, #185
Ebay auction #400809527528   NEW

DICK GIORDANO original art, BATMAN Sketch, 7"x10", signed, more in store
Ebay auction #400809388460   NEW

PRINCE VALIANT original transparency art, HAROLD FOSTER, Hal, 12x16, 04-19-1942
Ebay auction #400809443038   NEW

VIRGIL original art, Signed, RACING CARS, 16x15, 1965-1970, Dayton, Formula
Ebay auction #400809524605   NEW

RICK GEARY original art, Signed, BEARDED MAN, 9"x12", Sketch, more art in store
Ebay auction #400808917182   NEW

HOWARD CHAYKIN original art, Woman Sketch, 11x14, Black Kiss, more art in store
Ebay auction #400808290624  

DON MARQUEZ signed Print, NM, Zombies playing poker, Dogs, 2007, more in store
Ebay auction #121488907191  

SEAN PATTY original art, VAMPIRELLA rampage, Bloody mess to Fans, 8.5"x11", 2011
Ebay auction #121487959334  

PHIL JIMENEZ original art, WONDER WOMAN Sketch, 11x14, more art in store
Ebay auction #121485370030  

RICHARD CLIFTON-DEY original art, DIVIDED ROSE cover, 9x16, w/ COA & pub cv
Ebay auction #400805955318  

GENE COLAN / KLAUS JANSON original art, JEMM SON of SATURN #2 pg 7, 11x16, 1984
Ebay auction #400806506439  

PRINCE VALIANT original transparency art, HAROLD FOSTER, Hal, 12x16, 05-03-1942
Ebay auction #400785464743  

TIMOTHY TRUMAN original transparency art, SCOUT, Tim, 6.5x10, 1985, with color
Ebay auction #121485448050  

STEVE RUDE / GARY MARTIN original art, NEXUS #96 - Nightmare in Blue #2 pg 14
Ebay auction #400805454959  


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