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Original Comic Art Accepting Bids Now in ComicConnect Event Auction

The September ComicConnect Event Auction features over 40 lots of original comic artwork and memorabilia! There is a wide selection of covers, splashes and complete stories! Artists include Jack "King" Kirby, Joe Simon,Carmine Infantino, Bob Kane, Bernie Wrightson, Murphy Anderson, Curt Swan, John Byrne, Terry Austin, Keith Giffen, Dick Ayers, Al Plastino, Bob Brown, Herb Trimpe, Michael Bair, Jack Abel, Dick Dillen, Val Mayerik, Bob Wiacek, Mike Sekowsky and Jim Mooney.

Highlights include a complete Kirby/Ayers 10 page Antman story from Tales To Astonish #39. Kirby collectors will also like the Avengers #3 Hulk/Subby batttle page, and the Fanastic Four #19 page with the FF in every panel! Bernie Wrightson fans will have their shot at two pages from one of his most well-known masterpieces, House of Secrets #92. And let us not forget to mention one of the most legendary duos in comics, penciller John Byne and inker Terry Austin's work on X-Men! These days, it's almost impossible to find stories that have not been broken up, and in the Event Auction, there are many, many complete stories from which to choose!
Here is a complete list of all the artwork and memorabilia up for grabs in the auction:

ACTION COMICS #133 PG 10 (GA twice-up Superman page by Plastino)
ACTION COMICS #154 SPLASH (Vigilante splash by Bob Brown)
ACTION COMICS #338 (rare DC cover proof)
ACTION COMICS #343 (rare DC cover proof)
ANGEL AND THE APE #1 COMPLETE STORY (24 pg. Oksner art. 1968)
THE AUTHORITY: KEV #1 COVER (Painted by Glenn Fabry)
AVENGERS #3 PG 17 (Kirby Hulk/Su bbie battle pg)
BATMAN #197 PG 19 (Infantino/Esposito)
BATMAN AND ROBIN BOB KANE SIGNED LITHO (#143 of 300 Limited. 1978)
BATMAN BOB KANE SIGNED LITHO (#46 of 300 Limited. 1978)
BLACK CAT MYSTERY #58 COMPLETE STORY (Kirby. 5 pgs. 1956. Mysteryvision!)
CAPTAIN BRITAIN #17 COVER (Captain America. Herb Trimpe.)
CATWOMAN #1 COVER (Michael Bair)
DETECTIVE COMICS #379 COMPLETE STORY (9 pgs. Elongated Man. Sid Greene)
DETECTIVE COMICS #382 PG 2 (Batman & Robin pg by Brown/Giella)
FANTASTIC FOUR #19 PG 22 (Kirby/Ayers. Last page. FF in every panel)
THE FLASH #312 PG 2 (Dr. Fate story by Keith Giffen)
HAWKMAN (1964) #25 PG 1 (Dick Dillin, Cuidera inks. 1 968)
HAWKMAN (1964) #25 PG 2 (Dick Dillin, Cuidera inks. 1968)
HAWKMAN (1964) #25 PG 11 (Medusa & Minotaur. Dick Dillin, Cuidera inks. 1968)
HAWKMAN (1964) #25 PG 13 (Hawkman Medusa battle. Dick Dillin, Cuidera inks. 1968)
HOUSE OF SECRETS #92 PG 4 (Bernie Wrightson. 1st Swamp Thing)
HOUSE OF SECRETS #92 PG 6 (Bernie Wrightson)
HOWARD THE DUCK MAGAZINE #2 COVER (painted by Val Mayerik)
IRON MAN 2020 COVER (Unpublished. Bob Wiacek. 1994)
IRON MAN 2020 (Unpublished. Bob Wiacek. 1994.)
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #61 PG 8 (Green Arrow/Dr. Light fight. Sekowsky/Greene.)
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #66 PG 6 (Batman/Atom/Green Arrow by Dillin Greene.)
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #66 PG 8 (Batman/Atom fight. Dillin/Greene.)
LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #294 PG 10 (Keith Giffen)
STAR SPA NGLED COMICS #112 PG 8 (Batman/Robin story by Jim Mooney)
STRANGE ADVENTURES #156 PG 21 (Atomic Knights fight. Murphy Anderson)
SUPERBOY #148 PG 2 (Curt Swan. 1968.)
SUPERBOY #148 PG 3 (Curt Swan. 1968.)
SUPERBOY #148 PG 4 (Curt Swan. 1968.)
SUPERBOY #148 PG 5 (Curt Swan. 1968.)
SUPERBOY #149 PG 15 (Last page of story. Plastino. 1968.)
TALES T O ASTONISH #25 PG 5 (Last page from Ditko story)
TALES TO ASTONISH #39 (10 page Kirby / Ayers Masterpiece! Jan. 1963.)
X-MEN (1963) #109 PG 15 (Bryne/Austin features Vindicator + entire team)
X-MEN (1963) #121 PG 2 (Bryne/Austin)

The ComicConnect September Event Auction is currently in progress, and over 1,430 lots are open for bidding!  In addition to original comic art, among the comic books headlining the auction is the ACTION COMICS #1 CGC 4.5 EP.  Other beauties include Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 7.0 (1st Spider-Man), Batman #1 CGC 3.5 (1st Joker/1st Catwoman) and Tales of Suspense #39 CGC 9.2 (1st Iron Man).
As always, does not charge buyer’s premiums.  Winners pay the hammer price plus shipping (and sales tax only if they live in the State of NY).  The Event Auction will conclude in four separate sessions ending September 25th  – 28th between 7 PM – 12 AM EDT.
The auction is online.  ComicConnect is also accepting consignments for the next Event Auction at their low standard commission of only 10%.  To have your comic artwork featured in the next, highly publicized, ComicConnect Event Auction, contact them now by emailing or calling 212-895-3999.  For international callers, dial 001-212-895-3999. 

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