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Details on Next Little Nemo Auction


TURIN (ITALY) – On Saturday March 9, Little Nemo will hold its twentieth auction. A pioneering reality in the Italian scene Little Nemo evolved from being a well established antiquarian bookshop to the only Italian reality entirely devoted to Comic art and the related collectables, advertisement art, cels and memorabilia. Little Nemo Auction house was born in 2006 and is still unique for its scope and quality of offer in Italy.

Along the year Little Nemo holds 4 to 6 auctions, sometimes thematic ones as in 2012 when the major event was in October with an Hugo Pratt auction with 350 lots put under the hammer.

On March 9 the four sessions will include:

Lots 1-169 Illustrated books, Artist books, advertisement art (mainly from the Italian Carosello), cels and animation memorabilia;

Lots 170-314 Disney book, objects, games and toys; Pinocchio; Miliaria and Fascism; James Bond 007 ant The Beatles memorabilia and toys;

Lots 315-388 Original illustrations (cinema advertisement, cover art and much more);

Lots 389-521 Original art from the Masters of Comic Art;


The bidding will start live at 2.30 pm CET in Little Nemo Art Gallery (Spazio Art&Co.Mix) in Torino (Italy) via Federico Ozanam 7 and at the same time on LiveAuctioneers.


Lots are visibile for inspection from Feb 23 to March 9 in the same venue where the auction will take place.

Tue.-Sat. 3.30-7.15 pm; Sat. also 10am-1pm

Please, contact or for participate to the auction or for any further information.

The NotSoNice Collection
6/27/2016 1:03:00 AM
Leo C
6/26/2016 8:41:00 PM
Danny Morales
6/26/2016 8:32:00 PM
Brendon and Brian Fraim
6/26/2016 4:14:00 PM
6/26/2016 3:43:00 PM
Monty B
6/26/2016 3:20:00 PM
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Will's Comic Art Page
6/26/2016 7:56:00 PM
RomitaMan Original Art
6/26/2016 5:14:00 AM
Felix Comic Art
6/25/2016 10:50:00 PM
Splash Page Comic Art
6/25/2016 6:24:00 PM
Albert Moy
6/25/2016 11:50:00 AM
6/25/2016 12:27:00 AM
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