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  1. How do I get my artwork and/or ebay auctions listed on this site?
  2. Why have my items listed on both sites? Why did you create
  3. Once I'm a Premium Member of and have my Comic Art Classifieds listed here, how can I have my eBay auctions listed as well in my personal Comic Art Shop?
  4. Can I link from an eBay auction to my Comic Art Shop?


How do I get my artwork and/or ebay auctions listed on this site?

All listing activity on is managed from our sister website, In order to participate in this site you must also be a Premium Member of and have listed artwork for sale in one or more Galleries there. Only Premium members can list items in the Classifieds Search there, and the annual fee is $50/year. Please visit that site and click the SIGN UP link in the upper menu, review the Terms & Conditions of that site, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Click the Sign Up link when done and you will be emailed your login and password promptly.

Once you have an account at there are numerous ways to upgrade your account using either the links in the Righthand menu, or the Paypal Upgrade links located on the homepage. Follow instructions for creating a Gallery (or multiple Galleries) and setting the Gallery as being a Classifieds Gallery. Once created you'll be listed on both and automatically.

You can also choose to have a sub-folder created for you to make it easier to share links to your Classifieds Gallery here at (i.e. To do this, please Contact Us and request that we create one for you, and what you would like your sub-folder to be called. If that name is not yet taken your sub-folder will be created and we'll confirm for you that it has been created. and can choose to not allow a name they deem inappropriate.


Why have my items listed on both sites? Why did you create

We created as a way to streamline some of the content at - most notably the items which are offered For Sale either in the Classifieds or from our central Comic Art Dealer For Sale search. We also feel that by doing this we're giving our Premium Members another avenue to promote themselves and the art they have for sale in their own Comic Art Shop. Although the same content will reside on both sites, will only display those items which are listed as For Sale from (and not that Premium Member's Gallery items which are not for sale). will also only feature News and Updates related to Comic Art Dealer announcements, and Classifieds Owner Announcements (a new feature being added to the Admin). As previously stated, only Premium Members of can display their Classifieds and eBay auctions on this site.


Once I'm a Premium Member of and have my Comic Art Classifieds listed here, how can I have my eBay auctions listed as well in my personal Comic Art Shop?

From your Admin Tools section on you can add your ebay UserID from numerous Admin pages. If you have a question about doing this please Contact Us. One of the best things about having your own Comic Art Shop is that you're essentially creating an eBay Storefront for yourself which at a minimum costs $15.95/month through eBay, or almost $200 per year! That's a huge savings when you stack it up against the $50/year Premium Member fee at CAF.


Can I link from an eBay auction to my Comic Art Shop?

The short answer is "Yes you can!" However, eBay does have rules regarding doing this. Let me start by stating that it makes perfect sense for you to link to your Comic Art Shop when you want to add a link in your auction such as "Click Here to View All My Auctions". The benefit to you is that you will also be showing potential Buyers your items in your Shop off eBay. However, eBay does not allow you to link to a page that also shows other items you have for sale off eBay. The way to get around this is by linking only to your eBay auctions. You can do this by clicking the link in your Comic Art Shop that says "View Auctions Only" and using that link as your link in your eBay auction. All your Comic Art Shop rooms will be listed in the lefthand column, so you'll still be able to get Buyers into your Shop. Also, you can always link to the detailed image you have in your Comic Art Shop (i.e. Click Here to View a Detailed Scan) since the detail page doesn't show any other images from your Shop. If you break eBay's rules regarding this policy and they discover it, they will most likely shut down your auction and give you a warning.


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